Our Mission


Our mission is to be a party that will drive innovation and change by encouraging a new political prototype of leadership. We will focus on the issues that affect the people and seek to avoid personal attacks. We will unite the American people while calling out those who seek to divide us. We will be a party that will drive transformation in government by applying sound management principles to root out waste, abuse and mismanagement at all levels and departments in the bureaucracy. We will vigorously pursue pro business policies, fiscally sound government practices and a rational energy agenda that emphasizes independence and fosters economic prosperity for all. We stand for honest dialogue with the American People and an end to empty political posturing and rhetoric that has long been fortified by the media, in collusion with the nation’s two-party system.  We pledge to work to improve the quality of life for all people no matter their social status or lot in life. We will work to improve our government by making it open, easier to understand, and accessible for all citizens. We are working to achieve positive policy change by electing officials and mobilizing citizen action.