Clifford A Englerth For President In 2024

Mr. Englerth’s Vision For America’s Future


As President, I am calling for a public audit of our government at all levels to see exactly where our tax dollars are going. We need to know where the money is going so we will know exactly where and what to cut. For far too long we have heard politicians claim to be for smaller government yet none of them actually reduced the rampant waste that we see at the federal and state levels. It is time we make fiscal restraint more than just a talking point to swindle voters.

Not only will I make targeted cuts to wasteful and bloated government but I will also push for a balanced budget amendment to ensure that future generations are protected from the reckless deficit spending that has been the staple of the status quo. It is time our government serves the people rather than continue to abuse them.


  • A complete public audit of all levels or our government unless deemed a national security risk.
  • All offices/agencies must be clearly defined and have a mission statement.
  • All offices/agencies must be streamlined and redundancies eliminated.
  • Programs/offices/agencies that are unable to meet their stated mission must be redirected or ended based upon the needs of our nation.
  • Future audits should be conducted every ten years rotating amongst departments.
  • A new constitutional amendment must be passed to ensure that audits are transparent and conducted on time.


  • We must invest in creativity and the arts to spur innovation.


  • We will ban weapons in space.
  • We will end the Space Force and return that money to the Air Force.


Some Presidential candidates are running on the same recycled talking point claiming that on day one they will bring our troops home and make us like, “a little Switzerland”. Well we have heard this talking point for years yet zero has been done to make this a reality. So how exactly will I make this a mission statement rather than a cheap talking point?

I will order my generals to put together a viable exit strategy that brings our heroes home safely. I will also present legislation to limit Presidential powers. No more will we send our military into harm’s way without congressional approval. I will also keep the promise made to our heroes by making sure they receive free medical, dental, vision, and mental health services for life. We are not going to be a “little Switzerland” we are going to be a strong honorable United States of America!