The Patriots Party was founded in 2020 to organize an effective, grassroots, common sense viable political alternative to the democrat and republican parties. All are welcome in our party regardless of prior political affiliation or views. Other political parties appear only to fight for money and control over the American people. They use their hate filled propaganda to enslave our nation for their own selfish reasons. We are a new kind of political party, one that is in service to our great nation and her people.

Our vision is a strong prosperous nation that promotes peace, freedom, and justice around the globe. In order to realize our vision, we will raise awareness. inspire, organize, and mobilize. We will include and engage all citizens in a collaborative movement building and achieving electoral success providing an opportunity to solve problems created by the failed status quo.

Our nation has been at its best when we stand as one people working towards the common good of all mankind. If you want this country to truly be great again then join us to make the changes we all know are necessary and possible. Show the world you are a patriot!



The Patriots Party will work to address the issues that challenge our nation and her people. History has shown we as a nation have been at our best when we are a people united, we therefore reject the divisive politics both of the two parties have engaged in. We are committed to transforming politics to serve the people not exploit and abuse them. We see the people not as votes but as patriots that love our republic and will help us solve any problem we may face. We answer to you not big money!


The Patriots Party seeks to form alliances with all like minded citizens, community organizations, and politicians to form a powerful, united force to bring about meaningful political reforms on behalf of the American people. On foreign relation matters we will seek to find common ground with all willing nations to partner with us to secure a safe and prosperous world for all mankind.


The Patriots Party is democratically run by it’s members. Our general membership makes decisions based on values and principles before partisanship. Our members may change and adapt our party platform as they deem fit. Click here for more information on how to join the Patriots Party.


We make no apologies for expecting our candidates to remain accountable to the American people and keep their campaign promises. They are recruited to work with each other and the Patriots Party on a regular basis and to advance our party platform.


  1. Buy American
  2. Invest Responsibly
  3. Raise Political Consciousness Through Education
  4. Encourage Open Debates
  5. Register To Vote
  6. Encourage Voting Day As A National Holiday
  7. Support Campaign Finance Reform
  8. Eliminate The Super Delegate Voting System
  9. Support Open Primaries
  10. Eliminate Gerrymandering
  11. Support Independent Media
  12. Get Involved & Run For Office
  13. Support Local Elections
  14. Get Informed & Speak Up
  15. Connect With Others